What Is Remarketing List Search Ads & Its Benefits

Remarketing list & its Benefits

Most of you know about Facebook marketing and they also know it very well, But limited people only know about RLSA (Remarketing list search ads) and they are doing it very well. Today here you will get some details about the Google remarketing list search ads. 

What is Remarketing List Search Ads.

Remarketing list Search Ads is a feature of Google Ads, through which we can retarget the people who already interacted with our website.

RLSA allows you to customize search ads campaigns for people who have previously visited your site.

How to set up a Remarketing list?

To start with the RLSA remarketing we must have to add a remarketing tag on our website. This code tells Google Ads to add every site visitor to your list. We can use RLSA remarketing for 540 days maximum and minimum for 1 day, we must have a minimum 1000 active users list size for activating the remarketing list then only it will start working.

What are the benefits of using RLSAs?

With RLSAs you can better retarget those visitors who already interact with your search campaigns to target more qualified and valuable users. 

Here’s how it works: · The user search in google and your ads will be shown to then he visits your website through the search ad campaign for the first time, Google charges according to the bid optimized.

1. In 2nd attempt user again researches on google, this time you are benefited as Google will know and cache that he already visited and he will charge less CPC as compared to the first time.

2. RLSA provides effective cost-cutting benefits by reducing the CPC.

3. We have one other way to use RLSA Remarketing through smart bidding by using the API method. This method is fully automatic as compared to the standard method. 

To implement and use RLSA, here are four examples of audiences:

1. Your Existing customers

2. Customers who visited specific pages and not converted

3. Visitors to the website but didn’t make a purchase

4. Visitors who visited specific pages and exists.

Proven RLSA Strategies To Get Conversions:

There are two basic strategies for using remarketing lists with search ads that are useful for any type of business to get better results:

1. Optimize bids for the existing keywords This lets you increase your bid for those who previously visited your website within the last 30 days.

2. Bid on keywords for which visitors landed on website Bidding on broad keywords only for people who have purchased from your site in the past. This can help you increase yo

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